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On my website, I’ve made recommendations for certain services and products that I use and love.  Some of these links are affiliate links, which means that when your click on the link that I recommend, I may receive a commission.  Now, every link on my website is an affiliate link.  When I do add a link on a page that is an affiliate link, I put a small disclaimer on that page to let you know that something on that page is an affiliate link.

I only recommend companies that I know, like and trust.  I would never recommend something that I haven’t tried.  Because I know, like and trust these companies, I’ve partnered up with them and do receive a commission if you use them.

If you choose not to use my affiliate links, but you still want to use that company’s product & service, that’s perfectly fine.  All you need to do is google the name of the company I listed and click the link from there.


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Hey I’m Nash

business mentor + spiritual entrepreneur + digital marketer

I help business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their online business.

Not sure how to get started with your business and need some clarity?

I get it! And I’m here to help.

Go ahead and book your call with me and for either a 45-minutes clarity call or a 2-hour mastermind call.  You’ll get my full attention and I’ll give you ideas that can help you gain some clarity on how you get the ball rolling.

And even if you already have a business, but feel stuck and are not sure how to grow it or what types of things you can do online, I can help you with that too!


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