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Hello!  I’m Nash Cajee, the business coach and digital marketer for Katie Sonier, the global fitness influencer and owner of Train With Katie #TWK.

I’ve been working with Katie Sonier since 2016 (till today), so that’s 6-years now, and this is her success story!

Katie Sonier is an Instagram rising star, ACSM personal trainer, kinesiologist, fitness coach, entrepreneur and creator of “Think, Train And Be Badass”, “Train With Katie” and several other fitness programs designed to transform her client’s lives.

People are talking...

Everyone wants to know… how did Katie Sonier get started… and how did she get famous?

Just a few years ago, Katie quit her full-time job working for the big box gyms as a personal trainer, to start up her own global fitness empire.

With over 425K Instagram followers, featured on sites like PEOPLE.com and Muscle And Fitness.com, to name a few...

...Everyone wants to know... how did she get started and how did she get famous?

Ready To Grow An Online Business Like Katie Sonier?

Katie Sonier - From Employee To Global Entrepreneur

Katie Sonier - Fitness Influencer

Katie Sonier was working at a really popular gym in Miami as a personal trainer, and like many of you, she started up an Instagram page and started posting regularly.  As her page started to grow to several thousand followers, she decided that she was ready to take her expertise to the next level.

She knew she wanted to build her personal brand and create her own online business, and that’s when she found out about me online.  It was around April 2016.

She shared with me her goals and vision to see if I could help her go from being an employee to an entrepreneur.

And that’s when Team Katie was formed.

Once I knew what her unique goals and needs were, I was able to map out an online business strategy that would take Katie from being a regular trainer to an online global trainer and fitness influencer!  

After we devised a rock-solid business plan, it was time to create Katie’s badass brand.  Everything we did to build Katie Sonier’s online business was intentional, planned and deliberate, from branding to marketing to creating multiple income streams to positioning her as an influencer.  We knew what the goal was, and everyone over at Team Katie dedicated their time, energy and focus to growing a successful fitness brand and business.

Here’s what Katie has to say:
“After talking with many people about the startup of my business and website, I knew immediately that Nash was the one I wanted to help me build my brand and website. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her field, she is so genuine as I have felt from the beginning that she has wanted to see me succeed. She goes above and beyond in her efforts. You can tell she loves what she does and she loves helping people. She’s always quick to respond, she’s patient, extremely organized, and I know I can ask her any little question and she will get that answer for me. It has been a pleasure working with Nash and I am so grateful for everything she has done for me and my business and so thankful we found her!”

~Katie Sonier, Founder Of Train With Katie & Think, Train And Be Badass

Client Case Study - Katie Sonier

Social Media

“Think, Train And Be Badass” FB Group & social accounts.

Brand Strategy

Created a beautiful & professional brand.

Web Design

Created a high-end beautiful website & shopping cart.

Digital Products

Created all digital products (freebies & paid products).

Membership Site

“Train With Katie” membership site.

Marketing Materials

Flyers, business cards, graphics, templates & more.

Since Katie is very active on social media, she grew her following all organically, by posting value filled content.

We created her unique brand and beautiful website and then we directed her followers to her website where they could join her “Think, Train And Be Badass” community.

We then put together her signature online membership program “Train With Katie” that reels in thousands of new customers.

Katie offers extraordinary workouts that produce real results and she goes above and beyond for her customers.  She truly engages with her audience and takes the time to reply to them regardless of how busy she is.

In addition to having a membership site, she offers her clients the opportunity to work with her one-on-one.  She even gives her loyal clients her personal cell number so that they can communicate with her one-on-one.

She has also created 5 extraordinary 6-week programs for her clients that they absolutely love!  They are her Glute Building 1.0 & 2.0 programs, Flexibility program, Handstand program and Bodyweight Training program.

Multiple Streams Of Income

Katie Sonier - Website Mockup Devices

Online Membership

Her monthly recurring membership site is affordable for everyone regardless their budget. Members get 6 new workouts every week.

Katie Sonier - 6-Week Digital Programs

6-Week Programs

Katie has 5 killer 6-week programs: Glute Building 1.0 & 2.0 program, Flexibility program, Handstand program and her Bodyweight program.

Katie Sonier - Private Coaching

Private Coaching

Katie leads her clients through intense workouts designed specifically for them, coaching them with their nutrition and mindset.

Katie Sonier Gym – Private Coaching

Created new logos and business materials for the Katie Sonier Miami Gym.

Katie Sonier Miami Gym – Group Coaching

Create online schedule so that clients can book their classes in advance.

Katie Sonier - Online Store

Katie Sonier – Online Store

Created the online store where members can purchase their #TWK t-shirts & apparel.

The Results: Triple The Income In Less Than A Year!

Today, Katie’s online business generates multiple streams of income for her, and makes her 3x more money doing what she loves (while building her own brand and global empire) than working full-time as an elite trainer at fancy, well-known gyms, and is living her dreams.

In Just A Year And A Half Katie has already paved her path to being one of the top 10 trainers in Miami.

It’s been almost 1.5 years now that I’ve been running an online training business. And while there is nothing like working in person, one on one with someone, I find online training to be extremely rewarding as well. It’s been a fantastic way for me to reach and connect with women all over the world whom I may not had ever had a chance to work with had it not been for the online community. I have to admit that I was skeptical of it at first…how the hell can I actually help someone behind a keyboard? But, I’ve come to realize that social influence is a real thing and that I can truly change lives over the internet.

Katie’s story might look like your typical “overnight success story” but make no mistake… everything we did to build Katie Sonier online business was very intentional, planned and deliberate.  We knew what the goal was and everyone over at Team Katie dedicated their time, energy and focus into growing a successful fitness brand and business.

Project Highlights:

  Business coaching and mentoring
  Business strategy – how to start a brand new business from scratch, which types of products and services to offer and how to make an online business successful and lucrative in a short period of time
  Created  a solid, professional brand
  Created a high-end beautiful website & shopping cart
  Created the Train With Katie logo
  Created all intro and outro video clips for Train With Katie video membership site
  Built out all sales and marketing funnels
  Created all digital products (freebies & paid products)
  Created fully branded membership site
  Created all upsell pages, graphics and automation
  Added social proof and online chat features to websites
  Created a Print-On-Demands Shopify store for selling #TWK products, like t-shirts
  And much, much more!


  Over 400K Instagram followers
  Tripled her income in less than a year
  Featured on People.com
  Has built a very successful online business that just keeps growing and thriving, even during a worldwide Pandemic!

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I consider myself more of a life coach rather than a trainer. Every day I get the opportunity to change and transform lives by teaching all about fitness and health. That is so amazing to me! I believe that this is my life calling. This is my gift and I fully embrace it.  I dedicate my life to empowering other women to live up their greatest potential. To not let the fear of failure hold them back. My goal is to help more women stand tall and OWN who they are, whether they are 4 foot tall or 6 foot tall like me.

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Nash Cajee

Nash Cajee is an entrepreneur, world-traveller, mom, wife, digital marketer & branding strategies and a life learner. She believes it's important to have a bigger vision for yourself and for your life, and to work hard to accomplish everything you set your mind to. You are here for a reason, find your purpose, find your WHY. To learn more about Nash, click here.

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